Citaten van Donna Ashworth

In deze bijzondere tijd van de coronacrisis vond ik onderstaande Engelstalige tekst in de sociale media:


Maybe Mother Nature Wants Her Earth Back
For just a little while
Maybe, she wants some time for the land to heal
For the people to heal
For the treadmill to stop
And let everything and everyone breathe.

We have all been so worried about our beautiful planet
Searching for answers
Trying to play our part
Making small changes and hoping it was enough
It wasn’t enough
So maybe Mother Nature has stepped in herself.

Stories are appearing all over the world
Of nature thriving
Skies clearing
Dolphins swimming in Venetian canals
Ducks in Roman fountains
Wild Boars with her babies in the streets of Italy.

Maybe, Mother Nature wants her earth back
For just a little while
And maybe, she is telling us to protect the weak whilst this takes place.
So maybe, we should do what Mother Nature says
She’s been waiting a long time for us to change
And we didn’t.

Donna Ashworth

Pagina gemaakt 26-3-2020

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